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crawf : fine art photography

photography by andrew p crawford, arps.

andrew is a photographer specialising in fine art abstract images, based in east devon.  

fascinated with ideas of perspective and relative perception, among andrew’s still unanswered childhood questions is whether we can ever know if we all “see” the same way. he aims for clarity in conveying his perceptions using reduced or eliminated context, clutter and detail; through minimalism, abstraction and simplification.

andrew uses digital cameras and regards image editing as an intrinsic part of the creative process.

andrew is an associate member of the royal photographic society and a trustee of the stephen h tyng foundation.

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exhibitor: royal photographic society members' bienniel exhibition, 2017
shortlisted: international photography exhibition 160, 2017
exhibitor: finalists' exhibition, chaiya art awards, 2018
honorable mention: international photography awards; one-shot harmony, 2018
exhibitor: shutter hub open - photomonth, london, 2018
honorable mention: international photography awards, 2018
exhibitor: shutter hub open - amsterdam edition, 2018/9
shortlisted: photography, london international creative competition, 2018/9
exhibitor: open space project/shutter hub, everyday delights,  2019/20

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